We will be the first to admit that we have been slacking off quite a bit at and we apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way of things and you lose sight of what is really important. Games and Beer. My bad, we’re working on it over here.

In honor of our shortcomings, here is a giant list of great KickStarter campaigns to keep you feeling generous through the holidays.


1. So Many Me

- I am getting annoyingly repetitive with how much I say that I love puzzle/platformer titles. Maybe that says something about me as a person… I dunno. Either way, So Many Me is an adorable title that has a very unique twist. You play as Filo, a small… thing. As you play through the game, you travel through 5 worlds, you continually come across more ME, identical to Filo with features that can help you overcome puzzles. So Many only has a few days left, but with a small goal of only $22,000 to reach completion. Let’s help them get there!


2. Novus AEterno

- As much as I love a good platformer, a very detailed, difficult and fun RTS game really gets me going. Especially if it is in spaceNovus AEterno has some street cred going for it already by winning a few awards at PAX Prime in 2012, including Best RTS and Most Innovative. Insane amounts of customization, user-created ships, diplomacy, and economic factors, this game boasts to be huge. With 47 days to go, and already at 33% of their goal, this one has a good chance of getting in our hands in the near future. Can’t fucking wait.


3. Hand of Fate

- I used to play SWCCG religiously and my bank account often reflects my love for MTG so anytime a card game happens to try and merge the digital realm, I’m usually interested. Hand of Fate is an Australian title in the works that is creating a visually aesthetic card game that bridges gaps between RTS and tabletop games and looks pretty promising. A few days remain on their pledge goal and they are really close to completion. Help get them there!


4. STARWHAL: Just the Tip

- YESSSSSSSSS. I laugh a lot when I read through KickStarter, but mostly because people try to get donations for some of the weirdest things. Especially in my hometown. That being said, it takes quite a bit to have a very humorous AND successful campaign on a crowdfunding site and STARWHAL has managed to catch more than my attention. Narwhals in space. Pledge. Enough said. 


5. Dex

- Set in the future, you are on the cusp of artificial intelligence overcoming human existence. By swapping between our world and the cyberspace realm, you battle AI and overcome obstacles with weapons, skills and special equipment that provide different solutions to the same dilemma and scenario. A gorgeous and simple looking interface provides a clean and crisp screenshots. With a little over a day and a half, Dreadlocks based out of the Czech-Republic are past their goal, but their stretch goals reach into other languages, various other platforms, including Wii-U and NVIDIA Shield.


6. ROM: Read Only Memories

- Another Cyberpunk adventure takes a different approach by placing the gameplay in a Neo-San Francisco realm with a classic graphics feeling. The game plays as a mystery/adventure title that focuses on providing a great soundtrack and character development. Branching out and featuring a majority of LGBTQ characters, they are helping overcome cultural hurdles through a large but often overlooked demographic of gaming. Hats of to their development team for being bold and original in both their ideas and ambitions. With a mere 52 hours left to go, they’re only a few thousand dollars short of their goal.



- Another humorous RPG with a GIANT cast of unique characters, LISA puts you in a post-apocalyptic world where there are no women, just a ridiculous “world full of drugs, violence and the decay of human intelligence…” The developer has focused on providing gameplay that gives the user lots of choices that determine the fate of the entire dismal landscape throughout the game, encouraging choosing what the player wants to do, not what they’re forced to do. Already well into their stretch goals, LISA only has three days left to fund their hilarious-looking project.


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